It’s no news that the pandemic has affected the industry in a myriad of ways, however for most it has been mostly positive, & after 8 months of varied levels of restrictions and quarantine we pre-emptively look towards gaming in a Covid free world.


Financially the industry clearly seems to be on the rise with the Newzoo Annual  “Games Market Report” stating  that “ the global games market will generate revenues of $159.3 billion in 2020 which is a 9.3% year on year increase.” Even amongst the apparent delay on production on new properties & even the rumoured cut in production on next gen consoles. 

So with all signs pointing upwards why are so many studios looking towards a future where all their staff work remotely? We understand that for a lot of industries a traditional office structure is completely antiquated and honestly unnecessary but unfortunately it seems like studios following this trend seem to be doing so based on the financial implications of not having multiple large offices & to simply be socially conscious & empathetic towards their employees, but what if we told you this wasn’t in best interests of your team or could have a negative impact on studio growth.

 As much as studios follow traditional corporate structuring they are creative & artistic hubs at their core which benefit from collaborative efforts and social experience as much as any other creative endeavour, ultimately we believe the industry will stifle if it continues down a path where we close physical studios. 


However we aren’t against remote working its quite the contrary it is proven to be an effective method of working, but we do think there is a middle ground and we have taken an approach similar to studios like “Bossa studios” their policy is more sustainable allowing remote work if it is beneficial to the productivity of the team member. In an internal survey 11% of employees claimed  They feel less productive, and some prefer the use of an office for their mental health.”


We are of the mindset that as a creative studio as long as you foster a nurturing, safe & supportive environment not only will your employees benefit greatly mentally but you also encourage growth and a consistent increase in the quality & innovative nature of your work.