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With our old office becoming increasingly cramped we decided it was time to look for a new office that would allow us to continue to expand as we take on more game art outsourcing projects. Now that we’re set up in our new premises we have a long list of things we want to add to the space which we’ll show off as we check them off. In this post we will cover how we got on with the move itself.

Saying Goodbye to the Old

Although the new office wasn’t too far away we did have to make sure everything was packed up and ready to go to allow for a quick and easy move. As a game art outsourcing company we have a lot of systems, screens and other tech bits that needed packed up and organised to avoid any damage being done to them and to allow for a quick setup on the other end.

Game Art Outsourcing - Office Move
Game Art Outsourcing - Office Move

Setting up the New Space

Our first priority once getting all our things into the new space was to start setting up the desks and systems. It only ended up taking us half a day to get everything moved, unpacked and set up allowing us to have minimal downtime which was more than ideal with the amount of work we have on at the moment! Keep in mind this is only one area of the new office, there are a few more that are yet to make their debut so keep your eyes peeled for those in the near future.

New Office, New Surroundings

Directly next to an airport runway might seem like a peculiar place for a game art outsourcing studio to position itself but it has made for many an interesting view throughout the day. Thankfully there aren’t many planes/ aircraft going through this area of the runway meaning there’s minimal noise disturbance. That said, it’s always interesting to see them pass by when they do appear.

Runway by Day

Game Art Outsourcing - Office Move

Runway by Night

The team are all enjoying the new space and we look forward to sharing more with you soon! Be sure to follow our social channels below for more Airship updates:



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