Coronavirus : Updates

The following page consists of a timeline of timestamped updates from Airship Images in relation to the developing situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus.

12th March 2021

We are officially in our 5th month of the second UK Lockdown, and the government have proposed a 4 stage plan to see us out of a lockdown with cases falling and more and more people being vaccinated.

With this, we aim to star slowly introducing members of the team in a phased return to the office for those who feel comfortable from the 12th of April.  However, we continue to encourage healthy home working routines by using our new homework bible &, of course, continuing to provide support through calls and regular virtual meetings.

Once Again, I would like to thank the Airship Team for their patience & support and our IT Team for the constant support over this period

.We’re still onboarding new projects.
Be sure to get in touch if you need our support!

9th November 2020

This week will be our first official week In 2nd Lockdown. We were only able to make this happen with the support  and patience of our IT team & every single member of the Airship family. So I would once again like to thank them.

The team is once again adjusting to home working, through our remote desktop applications & those who can not work remotely using workstations  We continue to encourage healthy home working routines through the use of our new home work bible & of course continue to provide support through calls and regular virtual meetings.



We’re still onboarding new projects.
Be sure to get in touch if you need our support!

2nd April 2020 : 3:00pm

This week with the support of our IT team, we have upgraded our SonicWall hardware and improved all our VPN connections for home working. This has resulted in significant speed boosts that allow the team to work more efficiently than with the original setup. I’d like to give a big thanks once again to our IT team for their hard work and support implementing this upgrade.


The team has adjusted well to home working through habitual use of Shotgun for schedules & task tracking and Microsoft Teams for daily meetings. We continue to encourage healthy home working routines and provide support to the team as needed. The team currently remains in good spirits through the current UK lockdown.


We will continue to follow the government’s recommendations and advice as the COVID-19 situation develops and we wish everyone well during this time.


We’re still onboarding new projects and have current availabilities starting from June 2020.
Be sure to get in touch if you need our support!


Declan Paul
Head of Production & Operations
Airship Images

23rd March 2020 : 11:00am

We are lucky that our industry is less affected than others during times such as these. Where others jobs are physically not possible to do from home, we are able to with minimal disruption.

While we are not contributing directly to the front lines, if video-games can offer some light relief or escape during this time, and keep people indoors, then we’re happy to be a small part of that.



To potential clients – We are still accepting new jobs, with start dates in April.


Through extensive use of Shotgun and Microsoft Teams, our communication is as good as ever. As much of the country, we are zoom meeting with most of our clients and experiencing very few technical difficulties!



Joseph Harford

Airship Images

20th March 2020 : 08:00am

Our work from home trial was successful. All staff members are now working off site and all client projects are proceeding without interruption unless otherwise agreed.

Our security promise:

  • We have a robust security system in place for remote work. Using Secure VPN and DPI-SSL, through our SonicWall, remote workers will access files and login to their secure user accounts on the server located at the physical office.
  • Perforce, builds and other file management systems will be on-site only, with users logging in remotely.
  • All reasonable & practicable measures will be taken to evaluate remote working conditions and ensure staff are trained on the security necessary to safeguard data in a remote working environment.

If your IT team would like find out more about our firewall, VPN & security setup, please get in touch and we’d be happy to go into more detail.


Airship Images

18th March 2020 : 08:00am

Work has begun moving all staff off-site to a remote working environment.

Please be reassured that we as a digital company have worked with remote workers for 10 years and already faced many of the challenges that will come up over the next weeks. Our management and infrastructure all support remote working and we do not anticipate any delay in production at this point.


Airship Images

17th March 2020 : 08:00am

In light of yesterday afternoon’s Government announcement, Airship Images is updating its response to the ongoing COVID-19 developments.

While 19th March 2020 was pencilled in as a ‘trial full working from home day’ for all staff, we have made the decision for all members of staff to work remotely as of 20th March 2020 as per the Government requests and advice. Staff will continue to work from home until further directive legislation is advised by the Government.

As a digital company working with clients across the world, we are very well equipped to work remotely and we have developed systems in place to ensure we can work effectively despite the miles between us.

Again, please be completely reassured that our client projects will remain unaffected, and will all continue as normal. Please contact your account manager if you have any specific questions for us.


Airship Images

16th March 2020 : 11:30am

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will act upon official government recommendations and any other developments.

Client campaigns and projects will remain unaffected, and will all continue as normal.


Airship Images