Airship Images Re-Brand 2017

We thought we would start 2017 with a bang so what better way to start the new year than with a re-brand, here’s the new logo for the studio:

Last year we had our best year to date creating game art for some of the most anticipated titles of the year and we’re please to say 2017 is no different. Our team are hard at work on some highly anticipated AAA titles which we look forward to sharing more on when we can. With our new logo on board we will be expanding our horizons in 2017 while continuing to create the highest quality game art possible. We’re excited to share more with you on what this will entail but we will discuss that in more detail at a later date.

Game Art Recap 2016

Now that it’s 2017, lets take a look back at a selection of titles we helped ship in 2016:

  • In February we helped game developer Bulkhead Interaction smash their kickstarter funding, with our art on board they managed to secure a whopping £317,281. That’s three times more than their initial goal!

Our artwork for the Battalion 1994 Kickstarter can be viewed here, here and here!

  • The very next month, we saw the release of the highly anticipated title The Division from Ubisoft Massive, we created the player hairstyles as well as the cinematic hairstyles. (if you’re interested in the methods we use to create our hair click here)

Find more hairstyles like the one opposite here!

Character Art Hair
  • In May, the long awaited Home Front The Revolution launched from Crytek and Deep Silver. Although it had a rocky development which took it’s toll on the game it still had some great game art/ visuals.
Character Art UK
  • November saw the release of Forza Horizon 3, a game that won the game award for Best Sports/ Driving Game of the Year. This was a great way to end our year and we’re extremely happy for all the talented folk over at Playground Games, it’s always a pleasure working together.
Game Art Outsourcing UK - Character Art

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